Could Neymar go to Arsenal? – The verdict

Could Neymar go to Arsenal? – The verdict

Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain has been a real success. The Brazilian has become a key player in the team, and now he is able to show his skills to the whole world.
The transfer of the player to the Parisian club has been made with the aim of strengthening the team’ position in the European competitions. The transfer of Neymar was a real surprise, because the player was considered to be one of the main stars of the Brazilian national team.
However, it is worth noting that the player is not a player who can be bought for a large amount of money. The player has a contract with the club that will last for five years. The cost of the transfer was not high, but the price of the contract was high, too.
Numerous football fans have already begun to criticize the transfer of this player to a club that is considered to have a bad reputation. However, it should be noted that the transfer has been successful for the club. The team has already managed to win the champion title, which is a good result for the team. The players of the team have already managed not to lose points in the Champions League, which means that they can win the tournament.
It is worth mentioning that the team has a good bench, which allows the coach to choose the best players for each match. This is a great advantage for the coach.

The club has already started to show its new team, which will be able to compete with the main favorites of the tournament, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United.
Will the transfer affect the team’s results in the domestic championship?
The team has managed to show a good performance in the national championship, which has already given the team a good chance to win gold medals.
Of course, the club has a long way to go, but it is already showing a good game. The club has managed not only to win, but also to finish in the top-4 of the national championships.
In the Champions league, the team managed to finish the tournament in the 4th position. However this is not the best result for them, because it is the 4-time champion of England.
Despite the fact that the club is not in the best shape, the coach has managed a good transfer of players. He has managed, for example, to strengthen the defense, which allowed the team to achieve a good position in this tournament. The coach has also managed to find a good replacement for the injured Gareth Barry.
This transfer has already helped the team in the long run. The main goal of the club now is to win a place in the next Champions League zone.
Who will win the Champions Cup?
This season, the main favorite of the Champions cup is Barcelona. The Catalans have already won the tournament once, and they are the favorites of this tournament for a long time.
Barcelona has already won it once, so they have a good opportunity to win it again. The Catalan team is in a good shape, and it is able not only not to miss a single match, but to show the maximum of the game.
Many experts consider that the Catalans will win this tournament, because they have the best lineup, which includes Messi, Suarez, Rakitic, and others.
Messi is the main star of the Barcelona team, but he is not always the best player. For this reason, he can lose points. However the team is able, despite the fact of not having the best team, to win.
At the same time, Barcelona has a great coach, who has managed the team well. This coach is Ernesto Valverde, who is considered one of best coaches of the world. The Barcelona coach has already achieved a lot, and he is now able to win even more.
There is a high probability that the Catalan team will win it. The lineup of the Catalonians is very good, which makes it possible to win in the tournament with the best club in the world, as well as the best league in the Old Continent.
Where can we find the results of the Catalan club?
It can be found on the Internet, and this is a very good chance for fans to follow the results. The website of sports statistics is a real treasure for fans.
For the fans, it has a lot of advantages:
* the information is updated in real time;
* detailed statistics;
* the possibility to see the results on a mobile phone.
All the information about the results can be easily found on this website.
What are the chances of Barcelona to win?
Barcelonas are the main contenders for winning the Champions cups, but they have not yet managed to demonstrate their best game. This can be seen on the field, because many times the Catalonian team has not managed to get into the final stage.
One of the reasons for this is the lack of motivation of the players. This problem is not limited to the Catalons, because other teams are also not able to demonstrate the maximum.
Messi has already said that he is going to play in the final tournament, and the team needs to show more motivation. The problem is that the players have not had enough rest, which can affect their performance.

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