Could Richarlison be a better signing than Morata?!

Could Richarlison be a better signing than Morata?!

The transfer window has come to an end, and the transfers of the new players are already starting to be discussed. The main transfer of the summer was the signing of the Spanish player, who will join the team from Valencia. The transfer was a good move for the team, because the player has already shown himself in the Spanish championship, and it is clear that he can become a real star in the team.
However, the main transfer that was discussed was the one of the main stars of the previous season, the Brazilian player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player was already a star in his country, and he is still one of its main players. However, the transfer of Ronaldo was not the best decision of the club, because it was not a good signing for the club.
The Portuguese player has been playing for Real Madrid for several years, and his contract is already over. He will be able to leave the club for free, and if he wants, he can return to his previous club, Valencia. However this is not the only problem that the club has, because they have also problems with the transfer.

The main problem is the fact that the player is not a true star, and this is obvious from the first matches of the season. Cristiano was a real sensation in the Premier League, but the team did not have a good start in the Champions League, and now the fans are waiting for the return of the Portuguese player to the Champions league.
In the summer, the club signed the Spanish defender, Jorginho, who is a good defender, but he is not as good as Cristiano. The problem is that the transfer cost the club a lot of money, and they are not able to pay it. The club is now in a difficult situation, because if they don’t pay the transfer fee, they will not be able pay the wages of the player, and that is why the club is in a situation where the transfer is not profitable.
It is clear from the start that the team will not have the same success in the transfer window as in the previous one. The players are not in the best shape, and there is a lot to improve in the club and the team itself.
Will the team be able not to win the Champions?
The team has a lot more problems than the previous ones, and many of them are still not solved. However the fans and the club are confident in the future, and we can say that the season will be a success for the Spanish team, and even the team of Real Madrid will not lose points.
If the team does not win the champion title, then the club will have a difficult time in the next season. It is clear now that the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation, and some players are even not able play in the starting matches of a new season.
So far, the team has not been able to demonstrate a good game in the domestic arena, and at the international arena, the players are in a bad shape. The fans are hoping that the players will be motivated to play in a winning way, and soon the team can demonstrate a really good game.
Where can we see the results of the current season?
In order to follow the results, it is enough to go to the website of sports statistics, where all the information about the Spanish football is available. The season has already ended, and so far, it has been a successful one for the Madrid team, which has already managed to win a number of trophies.
Among the trophies that the Madrid club has won, we can highlight the following ones:
1. Spanish Cup. This cup is the most prestigious of all the trophies, and its winner is considered to be the best football player of the country. The team of Madrid has won this cup for the first time in its history, and in the past season it was really impressive.
2. Super Cup. The Super Cup is the best trophy of the national championship of Spain. The Madrid team won this trophy for the third time in a row, and for the second time in three years.
3. Copa del Rey. The Copa Del Rey is the second most prestigious trophy of Spain, and is won by the team in the first round.
4. UEFA Cup. It has been won by Madrid team for the fourth time in five years. The previous season the team won the trophy, and after that it was won by Barcelona.
5. UEFA Champions League. The Champions League is the third most prestigious football tournament in the world, and Madrid team has won the tournament for the sixth time in seven years. It was the first champion of Spain that the Spanish club has managed to take the title of.
After the end of the championship, the fans of the Madrid football club can expect to see a lot from the team during the new season, because this team has already demonstrated that it is able to win in the international arenas.
What are the chances of the Catalan team to win La Liga?
After a successful season, it can be said that the Catalan club has a good chance to win any trophy that it has won. The Catalans are a team that has a great potential to win, and as a result, they have already managed not to lose any points in the current campaign.

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