Chelsea vs. West Ham Betting Preview and Tips

The start of the season has been very eventful for the Premier League, and the fight for the title is still ongoing. Manchester City and Chelsea are fighting for the top-4 positions, while Tottenham and Liverpool are also fighting for places in the top 4.
The first matches of the new season have already shown that the Premier league is very unpredictable. The teams are constantly changing, and this is reflected in the results of the matches.
This season, the English Premier league has become even more interesting. The main contenders for the champion title are:
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Tottenham;
* Liverpool.
* Arsenal, too, is in the fight to become the champion.
In the Premier, the teams fight for a place in the Champions League zone, as well as for the places in European cups.
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Manchester City vs. Chelsea Betting Odds
The beginning of the current season of the English premier league was very eventfull. The fight for gold medals was very intense, and now the teams are fighting to be the first in the standings.
Chelsea is the main favorite of the fight, as it has won the most matches. This season, it will be much easier for the Blues to get into the Champions league zone.
At the start of this season, Manchester City was not the favorite of many matches. However, it has recently become stronger and has won a lot of matches. Now, the Citizens are fighting against the team of Josep Guardiola, and they are ready to fight for all the gold medals.
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Josep Guardiola’ Soccer Results
The Spanish coach has recently managed to get the best results of his team. The team has won several matches and has a good chance of getting into the top 3.
However, the team still has a long way to go. It is still not clear who will be the main star of the team. Guardiola has already managed to choose a number of players, but they still need time to prove their worth.
If the team does not succeed in the next matches, then it will not be a surprise to see the team in the lower part of the standings, and it will have a hard time getting into top 3 of the league.
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Liverpool vs. Tottenham Betting Results
Liverpool and Tottenham are the teams that are fighting in the Premier. Both teams have a good lineup and are ready for any match.
Tottenham is the favorite in the battle for the Champions title. The Spurs are a team that is ready to win any match, and if the opponent is not ready for it, then the team will be able to score a goal.
But Liverpool is a team of young players, and sometimes they have problems with the opponent. This is why the team is not always able to achieve the desired result.
Also, the Spurs have a long bench, which allows the team to make substitutions at any time. This allows the players to rest and be ready for the next match. This strategy is very important for the team, as the team has a chance to win the title.
There are many matches ahead of the teams, and we will see whether the team can get into top 4 of the Premier or not.
Live soccer results for Liverpool and Tottenham
The teams have been fighting for a long time, but now it is the first match of the championship that is important for both teams.
Both teams have good lineup, and their main goal is to get to the Champions club. The first match is important, because it will determine the fate of the title in the long run.
We will see how the teams will perform in the matches ahead, and whether they will be in the position to get a ticket to the club.
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Arsenal vs. Manchester United Betting
The new season of English Premier League has begun, and Arsenal and Manchester United are the main contenders to win gold medals in the tournament.
After the first matches, it became clear that the teams have many problems. The Gunners are not always at their best, and Manchester united is not able to cope with the pressure of the tournament, as many of the players are injured.
As a result, the fight is not easy, but the teams can not afford to give up.
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