Chelsea vs Leicester City 2-0 – Goals and highlights

Chelsea’s fight for survival has intensified significantly. The Blues are now in a position to fight for the title, but they are not yet ready to win it. The team has been gradually improving its results, and the first half of the season was quite successful for the Blues. The main problem for the team is the lack of motivation, which is reflected in the fact that the team does not show the same level of performance in matches against weaker opponents.

The second half of last season was more successful for Chelsea, as the team managed to achieve a good result in the Champions League. The club also managed to win the Europa League, which shows that the players are motivated and are ready to fight in the Premier League.
The main goal of the team for the new season is to qualify for the Champions’ League. However, the main task for the club is to win gold medals at the European arena.
Chelsea vs. Leicester City
The season of the English Premier League has come to an end, and it was quite eventful. The fight for gold medals was quite difficult, and there were a lot of ups and downs.
In the final rounds, Leicester City was not able to get the desired result, and Chelsea managed to break away from the main contenders. The first half was quite positive for the Blue Devils, as they managed to get a good number of points. However the second half was not as successful, and Leicester City managed to lose a lot more points.
At the end of the tournament, Leicester lost to Chelsea by a score of 2:1. The Blue Devils are now the main favorites of the Premier league, but the fight for silver medals is still ahead.
Main Results of the Season
The first half season of English Premier league was quite unsuccessful for Leicester City. The squad of the Foxes was quite weak at the start of the championship, and they lost a lot in the first rounds.
However, the team started to improve a lot, and now they are considered as one of the main candidates for the victory in the tournament. The Foxes managed to show a good game in the second part of the campaign, and their results were quite good.
Of course, the first games were not the best for the Fox team, but after that, the players started to show good results. The players of the club are now ready to defend their title, and this is why they will be able to do it.
All Leicester City Results
The Foxes have a good lineup, which can be considered as a real trump card of the squad. The lineup of the Blue team is quite diverse, and each of them has a good potential to perform well.
Among the most promising players of Leicester City, we can name:
1. Riyad Mahrez. The player is a complete player, who can be called a “star” in the English league. He is able to score goals, and he is also able to create many scoring chances.
2. Lukaku. The Portuguese player is able not only to score, but also to pass the ball with his feet. The striker is able, in addition, to make good passes, and to make a good run.
3. De Gea. The goalkeeper is able both to make blocks and to save the ball.
4. Vardy. The Leicester City player is not only able to make the pass, but he is able also to score a goal.
5. Aguero. The Manchester City player has a great technique, and is able even to score from distance.
6. Silva. The Chelsea player is also a good striker, who is able pass the football with his head.
7. Firmino. The Brazilian player is very good at scoring goals, but is also capable of scoring from distance, as well as from a set piece.
8. Sane. The young player is quite good at receiving the ball, as he is very accurate in his passes.
9. Pienaar. The Dutch player is good at making interceptions, and at scoring from set pieces.
10. Ramsey. The Arsenal player is capable of making accurate passes, aswell as of scoring goals from distance and from set plays.
11. Matic. The Juventus player is an excellent goalkeeper, who has a lot to do in the field.
12. Eto’o. He has a very good technique, ashe can make good runs, and also has a decent shot.
13. Saha. The Liverpool player is the main striker of the Blues, who scored a lot from distance in the season.
14. Sane is a good goalkeeper, as his main task is to make interceptions, as it is his job to save a ball from a dangerous attacker.
15. Ramsey is a very capable player, as we can see that he is capable to score with his left foot.
16. Tammy Abraham. The Aston Villa player is one of England’s best young players, who scores goals from all the three corners.
17. Tammy’l. The Everton player is another young player of the same class, who also scores goals.
18. Tammy. The Tammy� player is young, and can also score goals.

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