Chelsea vs. Burnley Betting Preview and Tips

The start of the season for Manchester United has been quite eventful. The team has been in a bad way for quite a long time, and it is still not known what will happen in the next season. The previous season, the team managed to win the Champions League. The current season is still quite uncertain, but it is quite possible that the Red Devils will be able to defend their title.

In the current season, Manchester United is the main favorite of the English Premier League. In the season 2018/19, the Red devils were the champion of England and the fourth place in the standings. The club won the FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League.
The team has a good squad, which can be considered as the main favorites of the tournament. The main competitors of Manchester United are:
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Manchester City;
and so on.
In general, the season is quite unpredictable, and the team will have to fight for the title. The Red Devils are quite capable of winning the title, but the main goal of the team is to finish in the top 4.
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Manchester United vs. Liverpool Match Prediction
The first match of the new season of the Premier League is quite difficult for Manchester City. The Citizens have not been in the best shape for a long period of time, so they are not in the mood to fight against weaker teams. The match against Liverpool is a good chance for the Citizens to get some points and improve their position in the table.
However, the main problem of the Citizens is the lack of motivation. The last time the team played against Liverpool was in the Champions league, and they lost to the Merseysiders. The players of the club are tired of the struggle for the gold medals.
Despite the fact that the Citizens have a good lineup, they are still not in a good shape. The first match against the team from Manchester City was quite difficult, and even the team leaders could not save the club.
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Liverpool vs. Manchester United Match Prediction and Betting Odds
The second match of Manchester City against Liverpool will be very important for the fate of the title of the EPL. The Reds have a lot of problems, and their main problem is the defense. The defense of the City is quite good, but they are quite weak in the attack.
This is the reason why the Citizens lost to Liverpool. The EPL is a really tough league, which is why the team has to play at 100% in every match. The citizens have a few chances to win gold medals, but if they don’t get a result in the match against Manchester United, they will have a hard time getting into the Champions cup.
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Live Results of Manchester vs. Chelsea Match
The season 2018-19 for the Premier league is quite interesting. The fight for gold medals is quite intense, and there are many chances for the teams to get into the top-4.
Chelsea has a very good lineup and a good coach. Josep Guardiola has managed to create a good team. The Blues have a very strong defense, but their attack is quite weak. The squad of the Blues is quite capable to win a lot, but only if they have motivation.
If you look at the results, it is obvious that the team does not have enough motivation. They lost to Manchester City in the previous season and did not win any trophy. The Chelsea players are tired and don”t want to play in the Premier tournament anymore.
Now, the Blues have to play with the team that has the best chance to win. The Premier league has a lot more matches, and now the team needs to show their best game.
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Main Favorites of the Season
The main favorites for the champion title are: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal. The latter is quite close to the Citizens, but in the current campaign, the Gunners have a better lineup.
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Team News and Prospects
Both Manchester City and Liverpool have a long list of rivals.

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